Saturday, January 30, 2016

World premier at the Holland Animation Film Festival

Great news, the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht has selected our film for their 2016 edition! We are very honored that they wil be hosting the world premier!

Ticking Away will run in both the national AND the international competition.

Poster designed by BLEXBOLEX

Here's what they say in their announcement:

"We are happy to announce that we will be hosting the world premieres of the Dutch short Ticking Away by Michael Sewnarain [...]! ...

Ticking Away, Michael Sewnarain (2015)

Through the Cinecrowd crowdfunding website, filmmaker Michael Sewnarain secured sufficient funds to realise his dream short Ticking Away. The breathtaking result can be watched for the first time at our festival. Ticking Away tells the story of a soured watchmaker, who is lonely but likes his job. His life hasn’t exactly been easy. One evening, a strange man brings him a very special watch to repair...

Michael Sewnarain is an animation filmmaker, story-artist and illustrator with a field experience of over twenty years. His short film 'Rain' (2005) was selected and shown on many international film festivals. Apart from developing and working on his own film ideas, he regularly collaborates on commercial productions, television specials and feature films. Working with internationally renowned directors like Joanna Quinn, Peter Dodd and Piet Kroon.

Ticking Away is also selected for the competition Dutch animation."

See where they say the result is 'breathtaking'...? Makes us very proud!