Thursday, September 8, 2016

ShortCutz Amsterdam winner of the month!

Whoop whoop! Ticking Away is winner of the month at ShortCutz Amsterdam and NOMINATED FOR BEST FILM at the 4th Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards. That's our THIRD nomination after HAFF MovieZone and Snake Alley Festival of Film!

Next stop; the finals in EYE on January 23rd!

Read the lovely comments by the jury:

- 'Very intriguing and well made. Good music.’ producer Jeroen Koolbergen (Tirza, Suskind)

- 'My absolute favorite for this month. Wonderful, touching story and beautifully animated. I watched it several times.’ documentary producer Harmen Jalvingh (Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies, Parts of a Family)

- 'A deeply moving story, beautifully animated and with a great score.’ producer Jan Doense aka Mr Horror

- 'Just stunning and so heartfelt.' Street Artist Laser 3.14

- 'Magical and of international quality.’ director Roel Reiné (Michiel de Ruyter, Death Race 2 & 3)

- ‘Really touched me.’ actor Tygo Gernandt (Van God Los, Het Schnitzelparadijs)