Saturday, September 19, 2015

Recording Music in Brussel

It's been a while since my last update.

The fact is it's been crazy busy in the last stages of production. Finishing up all the visuals, coloring animation, correcting, recoloring, sound FX and foley recording and mixing took it's due toll. But it's 99,9% done! Almost there!

In June, shortly after my session with the composer Reinhard Vanbergen, we went to Studio Dada in Brussels to record the music with a chamber orchestra complemented with additional percussion. Just the right amount of musical instruments for an intimate story like Ticking Away. It was a nice adventure and a great privilege to have had these tremendously talented professionals performing just for us.

Reinhard Vanbergen getting ready for our day-long recording session.   

Geert Calleart on the piano.

Gaetan La Mela working the vibraphone.

Gaetan brings out the big guys!

Punishing those kettledrums.

All is cool at mission control.

Our string quartet getting ready.

And performing.

End of day. An abandoned music studio is a melancholy sight.

Reinhard Vanbergen getting comfortable for an evening of mixing.

Button, buttons! Don't push the red one!