Sunday, November 29, 2015

Foley and Final Mix at Bob Kommer Studio's

After recording and mixing our musical score at Studio Dada in Brussels we did the foley recording and final soundmix at Bob Kommer Studio's in The Hague.

Foley recording is the art of adding sound effects to the film by creating those sounds, using everyday objects, during a live studio recording.

Here's Jeroen, creating every squeak, crack and whistle for our film.

Robin brought his parent's antique pendule so we could record the right tone and resonance of an old wooden grandfather clock. In front of that is my old pocketwatch. Long broken but perfectly suitable for these purposes (and no, we didn't smash them). 

After that we created our final soundmix, sculpting a perfect 5.1 surround track for cinema screens as well as a stereomix for smaller festivals and venues.